Elluminate VCS

Elluminate VCS 2.0

Elluminate VCS can be set up as a classroom or full video conferencing system
2.0.0 (See all)

Elluminate VCS (VCS) is the new, next generation of videoconferencing. It is a server-based application and with a client download turns a typical desktop computer into a desktop videoconferencing system.

Main Features :

- High quality, multipoint video collaboration capability for desktop users
- Connectivity can be VCS to VCS (capacity to support up to 25 VCS endpoints in one conference), but can also include VCS to traditional H.323 videoconferencing systems
- Uses Web 2.0-style portal for session scheduling and management
- Low-bandwidth requirements and minimal processor demands, minimal problems with firewall and network configurations
- Easy to use and supports real-time interaction and collaboration
- Interoperability with traditional H.323 videoconferencing
- Runs a presence client

VCS can be set up as a classroom or full video conferencing system. A full RETN membership will be required for this type of implementation. Districts will need to provide a dedicated computer and purchase the necessary required^ components such as camera, microphone, and speakers system that are specified by RETN. The person managing the system will be required to attend training.

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